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Why is the U.S. out of Everything?

Why is the U.S. out of Everything?

May 16th 2022

Rubber is increasingly hard to import for some industries, so what is the problem here? Its multiple factors, the supply of natural rubber is now a major concern of every world power, especially the United States. First it was toilet Paper shortage, then Ketchup Packets, Then Semi-conductors, and now it’s Rubber.

The Global natural rubber market was valued at nearly $40 Billion Dollars in 2020… Predictions are the natural rubber market will grow to $68.5 Billion by 2026.

Rubber is a critical Raw material. Just think, anytime you want to go anywhere, weather you’re traveling by car, truck, plane, or foot…. You’re using rubber.

As you know, cost for raw materials, freight, fuel, and labor keep rising and are at historical high’s. It’s likely this will continue for 2023. The overall cost increases are too great for us to completely absorb. Therefore, we are forced to pass along some of these increases to our valued customers.

Freight carriers everywhere are over-booked, and it looks to stay that way in the near term. Each day more products arrive. But we are still experiencing extended delays from suppliers due to China lockdowns being reported in the news. Ocean shipping time is still unpredictable. 

We appreciate your support and patience, as we continue to strive for competitive prices, while providing you with quality products and excellent customer service.


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