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UATPARTS & COVID19 - Late Shipments

UATPARTS & COVID19 - Late Shipments

Posted by John Parnell on Jan 2nd 2021

The Corona Pandemic comes with alot of rules that have been implemented by the City of Los Angeles starting with The City Lockdown so right now only essential businesses can remain working, We are considered an essential business but all of the full time employees have also been ordered not to work a full time work schedule so alot of us are working short hours, and we are understaffed as well. Before the Pandemic we used to send our Driver to pick up more merchandise once per week to pick up more merchandise via Will Call, but the vendors are no longer letting us do that... All of the vendors we deal with are also behind in shipping, and getting accurate shipping information has been difficult. Add to this we have the USPS system that we rely on to deliver alot of our smaller packages, but since Covid started we are finding alot of the postal workers are not scanning packages until right up until the moment of delivery, Our emails and phone calls have increased as a result, If the postal workers fail to scan the packages, it makes our job more difficult when our customers want to know why their package is late. Things are difficult everywhere as a result. The Pandemic has the wheels turning slow everywhere...but they do turn.  We are committed do giving you our best effort to process your shipment as quickly as possible. 

If you are waiting on a late shipment and need to speak with someone, call us at 818-838-1111 (x4221) during business hours and we will investigate your order.