Gasoline Prices VS Parts Delivery

Mar 29th 2022

Gasoline Prices  VS Parts Delivery

I think we can all agree our economy has been suffering due to the Pandemic, and just as things were starting to show some signs of improvement... There is now a gasoline crisis, which does not help anyone. Delivery's are slowing down and costs are on the rise. 

We are committed to shipping orders out as quickly as possible, but we simply ask you understand what we are up against should we find ourselves out of stock on your item or not able to keep everything in stock.  

Things ARE improving in some areas, but we have a long way to go before things are back to normal.  

If you need to call us to check on your order you can call us at 818-838-1111 

tell the operator the reason for your call and she will connect you to the right department.