Back to Normal?

Nov 3rd 2021

Back to Normal?

Things are FAR from back to normal after Covid. While we are committed to shipping orders out as quickly as possible, there is no easy fix to supply disruption which is happening everywhere. We deal with some very large suppliers that have several warehouses from the West to the East Coast however we are seeing OUT OF STOCK happening more often than normal due to the backup of deliveries and merchandise to those vendors.

Global supply chains are congested. In California, there have been record-breaking queues of container ships outside major ports. We are facing an unprecedented cargo surge at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles due to major global pandemic production shifts and decades-old supply chain challenges. Add to this the Worker shortages, we too are having problems with employees not showing up for work when we need them the most. The Postal carriers are now facing a slew of holiday mail and packages with fewer people to make the deliveries. Deliveries are taking longer, packages are getting lost or destroyed. Not just USPS but United Parcel Service also. As hard as we try to keep all these wonderful items in stock, sometimes fate has other plans. We wish we could sugarcoat things a little more, but this is the reality of our economy right now.

If we are unable to ship your item right after we get your order there is a good chance we are already out of stock and waiting for replenishments to arrive, or we might find out in our next shipment that our supplier is out and unable to give us an idea when we will see more. Right now most of the popular items are constantly selling out and then taking 2-3 weeks before we see more inventory... if we are lucky. Everything is a Cluster Truck right now, so try to keep expectations within reason considering the state the whole country is in right now.

If you need to call us to check on your order you can call us at 818-838-1111 tell the operator the reason for your call and she will connect you to the right department.